Rendezvous with THE CONDUIT for what we endearingly termed Vibrational Self-Healing. By providing custom vibrational sound journeys we bring the attendees to their point of balance in their own resonant frequencies. The mediums we use to share our craft are antique Tibetan singing bowls and planetary gongs. The sound of the gong itself can create the possibility for deep automatic meditation and relaxation. The sound of the gong in this respect becomes very therapeutic.

We begin with an explanation on vibration, intention and positive thinking. Then we work with everyone individually in an easy lesson on ringing their own Tibetan bowls. Following that, each participant in turn, sits in a zero gravity chair with a pair of Mindfolds, (a special blindfold) where we give them each a blast of full immersion in the "Gong Chair." To describe the experience in words does not do it justice.

The gong at the feet is tuned to the frequency of the Earth, which restores balance and has a grounding effect. While the gong at the head, is tuned to the frequency of the Sun. This is a mystical sound we like to call the "Sound of Creation". Other planetary gongs as well as Antique singing bowls and tingshas are used during each individualized session.

Water makes up 70% of our physical form, which allows the frequencies and vibrations of these celestial realms to travel through our bodies in a rippling effect. Once you are in the chair, the vibration and sound melt away tension and put you in total state of comfort and relaxation. This allows your body, mind and spirit to tune itself to its own natural frequency.

We keep workshop numbers small to increase the effectiveness of the personalized experience. Each member participates throughout and lessons are presented gradually to keep the mind focused during states of thoughtful meditation.

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 CLICK HERE FOR Upcoming Meditation Concerts

Emptying out all the stresses of everyday life isn't always as easy as we like. Those of us trained in sound therapy can help. Given a moment of mental rest in a hectic day can be a godsend. Given an hour of mental liberation and the ends of the universe aren't enough to contain your blissful journey.

As we play the gong, the most important thing for you to do, is to relax, and to breathe. The gong itself will do all the work. The sound of the gong enters into the body in a particular way, to wash away, to clean, or to clear. All you have to do is to ride the wave of sound. The more you relax, the more deeply and easily you can breathe, the more benefits you will receive. In a peaceful setting The Conduit performs a concert for a group to float away in bliss. Gongs envelop a room where deep meditative states neutralize the tumultuous setting of daily life.

So even, if all you do, is come and listen to the sound of the gong, the nervous system becomes strengthened, and the relaxation becomes automatic. Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls, Planetary gongs, ritualistic shamanic devices, aromotherapy and other tools are used to help induce this relaxed state

Contact: Owen@GongThePlanet.com to reserve your spot.

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We all must find to unwind and relax... imagine a a place, inside yourself, clutter-free without the troubles of everyday distraction.

TAKE THE RIDE- A 30 minute personal sound journey gives you the time to unwind and allow the tranquility of the void envelop your mind

"Liberation is the nervous system devoid of mental conceptual activity."

Become one with your unconditioned mental state. Free from-
  • EGO
  • Word and thought formation
  • Physical plane limitations
... let your spirit explore the vastness of the essence that is everything and nothingness.

Our operation has the ability to come to you... In-home sessions available

Jason Hann of String Cheese Incident and EOTO enjoys a personal gonging

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In conjunction with select studios and centers we form special bonds where we begin a home away from home. Working with regular contacts and staff over a time develops relationships that blossom into something special. Consistent clients receive the benefits of having our services at their disposal. The portfolio of what the house now offers is enriched.

OUR GOALS- By pursuing these partnerships we hone our skills and experience, while at the same time we gain recognition and credibility in the eyes of established medical, holistic, and alternative healing communities. In addition, we find comfort in using some of our partners' beautifully manicured facilities.

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With us all to yourself, private parties lend guests a completely unique experience. Forget the Jones'! Whatever the excuse to get down The Conduit enhances any scene. Cocktail party... Add a Gong chair! Summer Extravaganza... Elevate all your guests! Rooftop soirees, Birthday gatherings, whatever the function, we adapt to our surroundings and add so much to the environment.

We enjoy what we do! And you will see that joy and enthusiasm when it is passed from us throughout your party. So try us out and see what a difference a higher conscious level makes in your life of your party.

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Let us enhance your scene. We would jump at the chance to reach new audiences on a large scale. To change the world through heightened levels of consciousness and awareness is our main driving goal and these opportunities get us there faster.

We have quite the resume so far of the places we have traveled and brought our work. You might have seen or heard of us along our way. We can partner-up with Wellness tents, massage areas, Yoga practices, Energy workers, and the list goes on...

If you are looking to add value to your scene and give something of positive substance to your attendance we are more than happy to share our craft at your event. With upwards of four gong teams our operation is growing fast. Call us today to define your needs and we would be happy to share more information.

  • Rothbury
  • Gathering of the Vibes
  • Wakarusa
  • moe.down
  • Summercamp
  • New Orleans Jazzfest
  • Camp Bisco
  • Harvestfest NY
  • and many more!

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